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Proposal description: This proposal serves to start taking profit from our Celery holdings which have increased in price as well as quantity due to the sweet, sweet 100% APY. In the Celery group, it was determined that in order to collect profit and maintain the same overall amount of Celery you would have to stake for 71 days and payout for 46 days which is close to a 3:2 ratio. In order to simplify things, I think it's best to use a 5:2 ratio to both fit the 7-day week and also simplify things for the admin. Since a snapshot to take profits for buybacks occurs at noon UTC on Sundays, it makes sense to coincide the end of payout mode around this time, so the start of payout would be weekly on Friday at noon UTC. So basically enter payout mode around Friday at noon UTC and on Sunday at noon UTC collect all available Celery and then restake the rest of the account, the collected Celery will be swapped and used the same as the rest of the staked token and farm profits. Doing this 5:2 ratio will allow us to take a fairly decent amount of profit while the overall Celery holdings continue to grow from holdings, this will also cause the amount available from payout each week to also grow. With our focus being on long-term success, I think it makes sense to increase our portfolio value while also using profits for 'portfolio-owned liquidity'.

Author: 0x0A54897FdB1c7f9499E6f06201d41a98232008aC Start date: 2022-02-10 14:11:23 - Deadline: 2022-02-15 14:11:23 UTC Time
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