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Proposal description: With some of our farms underperforming, I propose we make the following changes to the portfolio. We should exit the Joy/BCH and flexUSD/BCH farms on Mistswap. Since selling the tokens now would be a huge loss for both (same with FLEX), the risk outweighs the reward, and we should hold them for the foreseeable future. This will free up roughly 3 BCH worth of capital. I propose we split the amount three ways and enter the following farms/pools. 1/3 to the BlockNG Post Keynesian (lawUSD/bcBCH) Beam Pool offering 106% APR, 1/3 to the BlockNG Hunger Games (lawUSD/bcUSDT) Beam Pool offering 129% APR, and 1/3 to the BlockNG Law/bcBNB Kudos pool offering 98-246% APR (I feel this is better than splitting liquidity too far, but maybe we should take some Beam profits in the future also to enter the bcBTC and bcETH pools). The two Beam pools that require burning 1% of liquidity to harvest should sit untouched and accumulate Law until another proposal decides to use it somewhere. The Kudos pool can be harvested any time and should be used the same as our other weekly 'profits' to boost the portfolio's Lawswap liquidity each week. (I think rewards from each DEX boost that DEXs liquidity? Let's outline this somewhere so it's a little more clear.) In addition to the above, we should move our Law/lawUSD liquidity from Mistswap to Lawswap for better rewards. Let's put it in the Law/lawUSD Kudos pool since it offers a higher APR; the rewards from this will also go to boost the portfolio's Lawswap liquidity. If passed, let's swap at noon Sunday when profits are normally harvested. Thanks, @silken666, for a great project; we'll be in great shape when smartBCH recovers and a bull market returns, especially with an ETF-style functionality. ✌️ 💚 🚀

Author: 0x0A54897FdB1c7f9499E6f06201d41a98232008aC Start date: 2022-09-09 08:10:30 - Deadline: 2022-09-10 08:10:30 UTC Time
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