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Proposal description: Our bcBCH/BCH farm on Mistswap is underperforming right now, more so than the rest of smartBCH in general. Since it's a great BCH-pegged farm and one of the highest traded pairs, I think we should keep a portion of it, but not 42% of our farm allocation. This proposal aims to split this farm to give us a more well-rounded allocation across DEXs. There may be more profitable options, but with the slowness of voting to move liquidity, I think there is a benefit in sticking to some 'safer' pairs. I propose we split the bcBCH/BCH farm in three, keeping one-third of it in our allocation. One of the thirds will be used to enter the Mist/BCH farm on Mistswap. Although the Mist token is inflationary, I think trading fees and the current 60% APR can still make it a valid option. It will be guaranteed a 30% reward weighting each month, so it should remain pretty stable. The other third of the allocation should be used to enter the Tango/BCH farm on Tangoswap, currently offering 110%. The Tango token is doing well, and they have an interesting emissions reduction schedule and burn from SmartSwap, so I think it is also a good token to hold. The profits from the farms will go to boost each DEXs SIDX liquidity as most other profits are. This proposal will also start using the remaining bcBCH/BCH farm profits along with the others instead of swapping to bcUSDT, to simplify things since we're not adding much each week.

Author: 0x0A54897FdB1c7f9499E6f06201d41a98232008aC Start date: 2022-09-24 20:50:27 - Deadline: 2022-09-26 20:50:27 UTC Time
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35013.58 [OPTION: D]

Considerations about voting

  • You can only vote if you are logged in the platform. You can log in the in the Proposals page. If the login button is disabled, log in first in your Metamask wallet.
  • Votes are final: you cannot change your choice once you submit your vote.
  • At approval time, a snapshot of all SIDX tokens is taken, including tokens laying on liquidity pools and farms. This page will display your current balance for voting in this proposal, if any.
  • SIDX tokens deposited to your wallet after snapshot time cannot be used to vote.
  • All votes are notarized on the BCH blockchain and can be seen at SmartIndex's profile.

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